オクサリスケミカルズ 溶剤化成品事業部

Aayush Khattri


2021年 新卒入社




The first thing that caught my attention was that the explanatory session was entirely in English and Oxachem was the only company conducting the whole session in English. All my interviews were completely different from any other company. For example, instead of questions just about the company and my reasons for applying, I was asked about my skills, experiences, and the way I approach different situations. They gave me an opportunity to explain myself better and make a connection instantly with the interviewers in English.
In addition, the company has a strong passion for expanding in other countries which shows their global mindset. They also plan to expand into the Indian market, and for me, the opportunity to go back home and see my family was a major factor to join the company.



I am supporting my seniors with their projects. My job right now includes helping seniors with the meeting material and maintaining sales records, taking minutes for internal meetings, presenting in weekly/ monthly meetings, and making purchase orders. I am mostly dealing with suppliers from Singapore, Malaysia, and Europe because I understand the whole process as it is in English.
Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, I have been able to meet domestic customers and even go out for business dinners with them.



Communicating with my seniors and managers with ease has been the most rewarding for me. Since the communication is fast, my doubts and problems are cleared on the spot which helps me correct my mistakes instantly, thanks to the quick feedback from my supervisors. Apart from that, my manager highly focuses on the importance of learning, so he always pushes me to learn more by giving me as many chances as possible.
The hardest part for me was taking internal meeting minutes. It was hard to comprehend everything in Japanese, especially in the strategy-building meetings where the pace is comparatively faster, and the discussion is more complex.
I am still learning about the business, so sometimes it is quite hard to understand the abbreviations used. Also, there are technical terms both Japanese and chemical that are completely new to me, so I had to record the meetings and create the minutes later listening to them. I am currently taking Japanese classes from the company to improve my Kanji comprehension and understanding of business the Japanese way.


I learned the importance of proactively partaking in all the activities. Since I am still learning, proactively participating allows me to fail as soon as possible and gives me real-time feedback on where I need to improve or learn. I also learned the importance of communication. I always try to “over-communicate than under-communicate”. As for work, I am learning about chemicals, trade, sales, strategy making, and definitely the Japanese business style and the language itself.
To become a valuable member of Oxachem, I want to understand the flow of business fully so I can be allotted customers all by myself and also make strategies. For that, I am making it a point to study Japanese well while actively participating in meetings and asking the things I do not understand on the spot without any hesitation.