Be the energy for leading our industry and the world to a sustainable future.

Strengths are in diverse segments
Strengths are diverse segments

The Uyeno group is comprised of 33 companies engaged in the transportation, storage and sales of petroleum and chemical products essential for industrial and civic life, as well as being engaged in ventures related to solar energy and marine environments.

Since our establishment in 1869, we have made vast contributions to societal development stretching over a variety of business fields and have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise over a span of more than 150 years.

Supporting societal infrastructure and working to protect the global environment for the future
Based on our Group Vision and Code of Behavior, we will continue to provide value through our business activities while working toward sustainability.
Uyeno Group's societal mission is the pursual of completely accident-free operations
Uyeno Group makes considerable efforts to achieve completely accident-free operations, which is one of the most important things when it comes to respecting the trust of our clients.
Embracing change and creating a new era together
In these turbulent times, we play the role of supporting future generation through the creation of new value.
Uyeno Group welcomes human talent that is able to take responsibility for the future.