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Group Overview

Petroleum and Chemicals Marine Transport Service

Special tankers for the safe and efficient mass transport of petroleum and chemical products

The main service of Uyeno Transtech is the transportation of petroleum and chemical products using tankers.Overseas, we also provide transport of fuel in Singapore and the Philippines. We provide safe and highly efficient transport through advanced quality control and by sailing the types of vessels that match current needs.

Petroleum and Chemicals Overland Transport Service

Serving Customers Through an Expanding Network

The transportation network created by Uyeno Yuso provides a stable supply of petroleum and chemical products to filling stations and customers throughout Japan. We operate a fleet of approximately 1,600 tank trucks from depots located across the country.

WATT WAH is a leading company providing petroleum product transportation and logistics solutions in Singapore. With a proven track record of offering high quality services, the company has built strong relationships with major oil companies.

Petroleum and Chemical Product Storage Service

Building Connections with Customers through the Distribution of Petroleum and Chemical Products

We actively implement flexible concepts to build an energy supply system to meet the needs of today and the future.

Production and Sales of Chemical Products

Contributing to Society through the Production and Sales of Chemical and Lubricant Products

We offer customers a wide range of high-quality petrochemical products from general to specialty chemicals as well as the lubricants for automobiles and ships to factory applications.

Solar Power Generation Systems

Providing You with Environmentally Friendly, Safe Energy

We provide customers with solar systems for producing safe energy with a low environmental load.

Marine Accident Prevention Service

Taking Every Measure to Ensure Safety

As a transporter of petroleum and chemical products, the Uyeno Group believes safety can only be achieved through intense accident prevention efforts. Our corporate philosophy is "complete safety," a priority in an industry that handles hazardous substances. We are also strongly focused on maintaining and preserving the natural environment in our business activities.

Shipping Agent & Customs Service

Contributing to Customer Product Distribution through Fast and Accurate Operations

We contribute to the distribution of customer products by correctly handling distribution procedures from ship entry and departure and customs from creating the necessary documentation to submitting the applications.

Storage & Pallet Service

We Meet Customer Needs for Product Storage and the Necessary Pallet Sizes for Product Shipment

We meet customer needs in a variety of areas in addition to transporting petroleum and chemical products by tanker and tanker truck.

Other Services

In addition to petroleum related businesses, we provide a wide range of services including real estate, insurance agency, construction, and industrial waste disposal.