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Meiji Era

1869 Kinjiro Uyeno established Maruiya, a shipping agent, in Yokohama.
1890 Kametaro Uyeno succeeded to his father’s business.
1900 Began transportation of petroleum products for Rising Sun Oil Company, the predecessor of Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K.
1909 Began transporting kerosene in horse-driven tank wagons.

Taisho Era

1918 Maruiya was renamed Uyeno Kaisoten.
1923 The Great Kanto Earthquake destroyed the Uyeno Kaisoten office and warehouse on the coast as well as the Maruiya Inn in Yoshida-cho.
1926 Uyeno Kaisoten was renamed Uyeno Unyu Shokai.

Showa Era

1932 Began transportation of bulk kerosene between Yokohama and Yanagishima.
1941 Started transportation of aviation fuel in the Seto Island Sea area by order of Army Aviation Headquarters.
1946 Transported oil to various destinations in western Japan under an oil distribution control company.
1948 Resumed marine transport of petroleum products for Shell Oil; appointed by Shell as the sole agent for foreign ship bunker supply.
1949 Commissioned with the marine transport of all the petroleum products of Shell Oil.
1950 Began overland transport using tanker trucks.
1955 First post-war coastal tanker, No.1 Akagai Maru (black oil, 1,850KL), joined fleet.
1957 Nation's largest coastal tanker, Kurogai Maru (black oil, 4,000KL), joined fleet.
1959 First chemical tanker, No.1 Hinode Maru, joined fleet.
1960 Started operation of LPG tank trucks; fleet grows to over 100 trucks.
1966 Yutaka Uyeno took office as president.
1969 Shell Oil consigned Uyeno to supply petroleum products to the Japan Self Defense Agency.
1971 Established Isewan Bosai to start marine accident prevention service.
1975 Uyeno Unyu Shokai was reorganized as a corporation.
1977 Established Oxalis Shipping in Singapore.
1981 Overland transport division became independent as Uyeno Yuso.
1987 Takashi Uyeno took office as president.

Heisei Era

1991 Uyeno Marine Service participated in the Emergency Assistance Corps to Saudi Arabia for clean-up of oil after the Gulf War.
1997 The nation's first 6,000KL coastal tanker, Soubi Maru, joined fleet.
1998 Uyeno Unyu Shokai and Uyeno Chemical Unyu consolidated to form Uyeno Transtech.
Established Japan Oil Network through a joint venture with Showa Shell Sekiyu and Heiwa Kisen.
2000 Uyeno Transtech acquired Heiwa Kisen to strengthen its business foundation.
2002 Uyeno Transtech began operating the first coastal coal-ash carrier, Hekinan Maru.
2003 Drivers' education facility Uyeno Safety Academy (USA) opened. (October 15)
2004 Uyeno Transtech acquired 65% share of Daiko Senpaku from Nisshoku Butsuryu. (April 30)
2006 Uyeno Transtech and Transnational Diversified Corp. of the Philippines establish Transnational Uyeno Maritime Inc. (TUMI) in the Philippines. This is the first introduction of double haul tankers in the Philippines. (June 15)
2007 SES1 (Super-Eco Ship 1) chemical tanker, No. 5 Nikko Maru joined fleet. (May 31)
2008 Uyeno’s four overland transport companies are consolidated. (April 1)
2010 Himeji Chemical Terminal records 10,000 days without an accident (August 9)
2011 Carbon Ocean Line Co., Ltd., established (March 14)
Philippines NTMA Solar facility completed. (September 27)
2012 Uyeno Green Solutions Ltd.begins operations(April 2)
Irago Escort Business attains 100,000trip no-accidents,no-disasters mile stone. (August 29)
2013 Uyeno Group's first solar power system plant in Japan built in Tomakomai.
Uyeno Group's first mega solar power system plant in Japan built in Inashiki, Ibaraki.
Uyeno Kosan acquired 100% stake in NCU Logistics, Ltd.
2017 Acquisition of shares of DLT ENTERPRISE PTE.LTD.
2018 Acquisition of 100% Shares of Shell Chemicals Japan Ltd.